19 August, 2019

The indigenous peoples native languages in the Russian education system

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Speech of the UNPFII Chair, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, on the conference on “Indigenous peoples native languages in the Russian education system,” 8-10 September 2009.

The theme of your conference is very relevant to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues as we are alarmed by the fast disappearance of indigenous peoples' languages in many parts of the world, including Russia. Out of the remaining 6,000 languages in the world today, 4,000 of these are spoken by indigenous peoples. There is not much data to show how many of these 4,000 indigenous languages are under threat of extinction. Still, with the data at hand, it is indigenous peoples who are contributing most significantly to the linguistic and cultural diversity remaining in today's world. If States and society, in general, do not install measures to save indigenous languages then this precious diversity is in peril.

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