20 November, 2019

2nd Edition of Guide on Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples Now Released

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The popular Guide on Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples aims to enhance indigenous peoples knowledge on climate change so that indigenous peoples will be better equipped to participate more effectively in shaping relevant policies and actions taken to address this issue. It also aims to enlighten non-indigenous peoples on our own experiences and perspectives on climate change.

This Second Edition includes updates on Part III: Climate Change Mitigation Measures: Impacts on Indigenous Peoples; Part IV: Adapting to Climate Change: Indigenous Peoples Show the Way; Part V: REDD/REDD+ and Indigenous Peoples; Part VIII: The Current State of Climate Change Negotiations; and Part IX: Ways Forward: The UNDRIP, the Human Rights Based Approach and the Ecosystem Approach. Date of Publication: September 2009.

Download the Guide in .pdf