24 May, 2019

Civil society to World Bank: Junk  draft policy on P4R

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World BankCivil society representatives from 51 countries calls on the World Bank to junk its draft policy on Program for Results (P4R) Financing. Also known as Operation Policy 9.0, this draft policy "could undercut decades of efforts to establish strong social and environmental standards and accountability mechanisms at the World Bank."

Civil society also stated that "P4R actually would allow the Bank to fund potentially harmful projects and activities that specifically would be exempt from complying with most World Bank safeguard policies, including those related to Indigenous Peoples, involuntary resettlement, natural habitats and dam safety, as well as other important policies, including those related to transparency, project supervision and monitoring."

More than 200 civil society organizations, including indigenous peoples, have supported this call.

Please click here to view to statement.