22 April, 2019

Pancur Kasih Publications

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Pancur Kasih Empowerment MovementVolume 1: PANCUR KASIH EMPOWERMENT MOVEMENT


With this book we introduce ourselves to the public, both inside and outside the country. We, people of the Dayak world in Kalimantan participate in the great celebration and effort of the global community to gain recognition for the existence and dignity of the indigenous peoples who have long been marginalized by governments, corporations and the culturally dominant. 




Foreword (Victoria Tauli-Corpuz)

Preface (A.R. Mecer and John Bamba)

Chapter 1: Pancur Kasih Empowerment Movement: Moving While Learning (Richardus Giring)

Chapter 2: History, Conception and Aspirations of the Pancur Kasih Empowerment Movement (Anton Widjaya)

Chapter 3: Developing Critical Humans (Matheus Pilin, Silvia Sayu and Antimus)

Chapter 4: Cultural Inheritance, Cultural Revitalization, Empowerment and Advocacy (Benyamin Efraim)

Chapter 5: Popularizing People-Based Economy (Sarvianus Mimi)

Chapter 6: Nurturing Nature, Raising Human Dignity (Abdias Yas, Iwi Sartika and Marten Loter)

Chapter 7: Voicing the Marginalized Truth: Effecting Change through Media (Stefanus Masiun and Andika Pasti)

Chapter 8: Participating in Managing the State and Nation (Matheus Pilin)

Chapter 9: GPPK’s Position in Social Movements in Indonesia (Francis X. Wahono)


Download Volume 1 .pdf here.



Pancur Kasih Credit Union MovementVolume 2: PANCUR KASIH CREDIT UNION MOVEMENT

The modern credit union shares the same direction and goal as the Pancur Kasih Empowerment Movement. The Movement aims to liberate the Dayak indigenous peoples from the shackles of poverty, ignorance and inequity to a life of solidarity, gender equality and sustainable environment. 




Foreword (Victoria Tauli-Corpuz)

Preface (A.R. Mecer and John Bamba)

Chapter 1:

Modern Credit Union: Long House Social Movement of Kalimantan Indigenous Community (Francis X. Wahono)

Chapter 2: History of Credit Union Movement in West Kalimantan (Richardus Giring)

Chapter 3: GPPK Credit Union Movement: Inspiring the Nation (Benyamin Efraim)

Chapter 4: Education that Liberates: The Primary Pillar of the Credit Union (Sarvianus Mimi)

Chapter 5: Embedding Peasant Philosophy in Service Products (Benyamin Efraim)

Chapter 6: Kalimantan Credit Union Coordinating Body (Stefanus Masiun)

Chapter 7: Modern Credit Union: Manifestation of the New Populist Economy (Francis X. Wahono)


Download Volume 2 .pdf here.