25 April, 2018

Pitfalls and Pipelines

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Pitfalls and PipelinesPITFALLS AND PIPELINES: Indigenous Peoples and Extractive Industries


We, Indigenous Peoples, are rightsholders, with an inextricable link to their lands, territories and resources, which we have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired...We have a right to self-determination of our political condition and to freely choose our economic, social and cultural development.

- The Manila Declaration, International Conference on Extractive Industries and Indigenous Peoples

To put an end to these dynamics of destruction and violence, the international community—particularly international investors—must...recognize indigenous communities’ basic rights to chart their own development paths, to manage their own resources, to pursue their traditional 
livelihoods and cultures, and to say “no” to multinational operations on their lands. The failure to respect communities’ basic right to ‘‘just say no’’ exists at the heart of the nexus of human rights violations, environmental degradation and conflict.
- John Rumbiak, West Papuan activist
PART 1: Extractive Industries and Indigenous Peoples: Issues and Impacts
Chapter 1.1: Overview of Impacts of Extractive Industries on Indigenous Peoples
Chapter 1.2: Financial Innovations and the Extractive Industries
Chapter 1.3: Indigenous Peoples, Mining and Climate Change
PART 2: Indigenous Peoples and the Extractive Industries: Responses
Chapter 2.1: Local Community Assistance
Chapter 2.2: Challenges at the National Policy Level
Chapter 2.3: International Advocacy with Companies and Their Investors
Chapter 2.4: Negotiations and Engagement with Companies
Chapter 2.5: Mining Industry Responses to Criticism
Chapter 2.6: Legal Strategy from the Local to the International
Chapter 2.7: International Processes and Complaints Mechanisms
Chapter 2.8: Importance of Free, Prior and Informed Consent
PART 3: Concluding Observations
Appendix 1: The Manila Declaration of the International Conference on Extractive Industries and Indigenous Peoples
Appendix 2: Report of the International Expert Group Meeting on Extractive Industries, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility
Appendix 3: List of Resources 
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