23 October, 2018

International Seminar on "Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Unreported Struggles: Conflict and Peace"

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14-15 May 2016, Columbia University, New York

Indigenous peoples have recounted numerous stories about the conflicts that ravage their lands and communities, resulting in massacres, rape and other gross violations of human rights, including forced conscription to the army and militia, heavy militarization of their areas, destruction of their cultural heritage, outright settlement of Indigenous peoples’ lands, displacement and deprivation of their means of livelihood. And yet, many of those situations often go unreported, those responsible are rarely held accountable, the stories are ignored by mainstream media and are pushed into political invisibility or trivialized by states and non-state actors, such as corporations. The uniqueness of the historical experience of Indigenous peoples creates many blindspots in the mainstream and areas of urgent investigation for advocates and scholars. In other situations, efforts towards peace agreements or similar arrangements have been made, but the gaps of implementation remain.

The seminar will include keynotes and panels on conflict, peace and the human rights of Indigenous peoples, legal and policy challenges in contemporary non-international armed conflicts, regional perspectives and case studies from Central and South America, North America, the Arctic, Russia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa, Indigenous women and conflict, tools for peace sustainability for Indigenous peoples, the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage, and UN and other intergovernmental actions for achieving peace regarding Indigenous peoples. The Seminar will also explore what opportunities we can seize to make progress in this area and what recommendations we can make to various parties.14-15 May 2016, Columbia University, New York


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